Inference is a human ability that differentiates us as individuals. Sometimes we make inferences with  full conscious awareness, sometimes semi-consciously. Not all information or the inferential steps are processed by the brain. One thing is certain, while we perform inferences everyday, we fail to appreciate its ubiquitous nature, its pervasiveness influencing our cognition, our everyday lives.

The function of inferences is to help us understand information through transformation, through adaptation, by generating new information, and better still – to allow us to discover and discriminate information in order to correct, accept or discard them.

Games inherently situate users in rich content but not necessarily always aligned to its contextual use. With gamified learning, it would be prudent lessons engage with and challenge the various types of innate human inference strategies.

What then does the wordle infer? It certainly appears to have a direction.

10 points if you can guess the information use to generate it.