Sep 12

Public Demonstrations of BEACONING for VET in Edinburgh

Posted by Sam Harper

Scott Mcgibbon and Sam Harper from Heriot Watt University have been demonstrating the various BEACONING VET games to the general public, as well as industry leaders and Members of Scottish Parliament in Edinburgh over the past month. The first event was tied in to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in conjunction with Historic Environment…

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Sep 12

Beaconing at Targoviste City Days!

Posted by admin

This weekend was a special one for the people from Targoviste, as it was celebrated the Day of the City. The three-day celebration, provided wonderful opportunities for visitors to experience the medieval arts, crafts, music, food and demonstrations of all kinds. Within this traditional celebration, on 6 September, ATS presented the Beaconing platform…

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Aug 31

Final Meta-LAM Dashboard for Teachers

Posted by Cristina Alonso

The meta-LAM dashboard for teachers was developed to provide teachers information of the students actions taken in the games and mini-games in the BEACONING platform. The dashboard was developed to meet the specific needs of BEACONING including games and mini-games structure and location-based activities. The dashboard definition is based on two previous concepts:…

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Aug 28

Beaconing Presentations at ASME 2018 IDETC/CIE in Quebec, Canada

Posted by Jannicke Baalsrud Hauge

Sam Harper (HWU), Theo Lim (HWU) and Jannicke Baalsrud Hauge (BIBA) presented different Beaconing project results at ASME 2018 IDETC/CIE in Quebec, Canada on August, 26-29. Theo Lim and Jannicke Baalsrud Hauge participated in the panel discussion on advancements and enhanced integration of digital technology systems, VR applications, CPS-Systems and tools for design…

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Aug 10


Posted by Alexey Usoltsev

Abstract Thanks to its non-linearity and to its hypertext structure, multimedia has the learning advantage of being flexible and scalable. Thanks to its free browsing, to its authentic and visual wealths and to the numerous point of view it allows, digital adds several new learning scopes. A history teacher can now supply his…

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