Aug 9

How much learning can happen in a gaming episode?

Posted by Ali Turker

McKinsey education researchers have applied “advanced analytics and machine learning”, on PISA 2015 data and “have identified factors that play a critical role in student achievement.” The PISA assessment programme of OECD has become an international benchmark of educational achievement at nations level. In 2015 it covered more than half a million students…

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Aug 8


Posted by Alexey Usoltsev

Abstract While the whole world cheers continuously the incredible properties of gamification, it might be great to enquire about serious game failures. Those which didn’t stay the course compared with the heavyweights of the market. What are those games dead the first day of their release as a result of violent reviews from…

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Jul 19


Posted by Marius Preda

Involvement of students and teachers in reflecting the role of research and innovation encourages sustainable interactions between schools, researchers, industry and civil society organizations. In addition, integrating research and innovation managers into STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) teaching could make STEM careers more attractive to young students and help them acquire scientific…

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Jul 16

Beaconing GLP on Logistics as a part of the LogDynamics Summer School

Posted by Jannicke Baalsrud Hauge

The LogDynamics Summer School ( ) is organized by the University of Bremen as a regularly activity and invites young researchers with interdisciplinary research background. The main organizers of this year are Prof. Pannek, Prof. Becker und Prof. Buer and takes place from July, 16 till July, 20. The first day of this…

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Jul 11

@Futur E.S Learning Experience with attendees

Posted by FrancoisMohier

During the last Futur E.S Festival, ORT organised a conference in collaboration with EdFab targetting young in the educational domain. A geolocalised quest was prepared to be played around the venue of the Halles de la Villette in Paris, France. Attendees were explained the benefits of playing and learning thru a gamified quest…

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