Aug 8


Posted by Alexey Usoltsev

Abstract While the whole world cheers continuously the incredible properties of gamification, it might be great to enquire about serious game failures. Those which didn’t stay the course compared with the heavyweights of the market. What are those games dead the first day of their release as a result of violent reviews from…

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Nov 8

Beaconing game plots. The Hero’s Journey

Posted by Pau Yanez

A serious game plot for is a story, which may be linear or branched, that structures the narrative elements chosen by the author, in game mechanics to drives the user experience, from the beginning to the end of the lesson-path, fostering motivation and the interaction of the player with game assets like characters,…

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Jun 14

Top Tips for Gamifying Classrooms/Workshops

Posted by David Wortley

Engaging participation in workshops and classrooms can be very challenging, especially in an age where knowledge and information is accessible online 24/7 and interactive and immersive technologies on mobile phones and tablets constantly compete for attention. Gamification of classrooms and workshops is neither new nor difficult. Good teachers have used games psychology and…

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