Nov 8

BEACONING presented at National and International Conference on Virtual Learning, CNIV/ICVL, Alba Iulia, RO

Posted by Mihaela Garabet

At this year’s edition of National and International Conference on Virtual Learning, held in the historical city of Alba Iulia, SIVECO Romania presented Beaconing, the eLearning platform that creates new models and practices of teaching and learning. Beaconing is a teaching and digital learning platform that integrates technologies, pedagogical and social perspectives, using pervasive,…

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Nov 2

BEACONING for In-Service Training

Posted by Ali Turker

  These teachers are busy discussing at the BEACONING stand that we set up for this year's School Managers' Forum. They are discussing about using game-based learning for adults; in particular, new teachers who are trying to adapt to a new school. BEACONING location-based gaming can engage these new recruits to get familiar with the…

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Oct 18

Crafting Effective Marketing Communication For Serious Games

Posted by Remi Labelle

One of the most important aspects of deciding on a marketing strategy is deciding on the way you want to communicate to your potential partners or clients. Here are some of the most important things to consider.     #1 Figure Out Who Is The Person You'd Like To Reach One of the…

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Oct 17

Advertising For Serious Games – Best Practices

Posted by Remi Labelle

One of the easiest strategies to implement for attracting partners and clients is advertising. Ad campaigns for serious games tend to be slightly different than adverts in other niches, which should always be taken into consideration when coming up with a marketing plan. Here are some things that one should have in mind…

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Oct 11

Beaconing @ Milano Games Week

Posted by Luca Morganti

Beaconing cited during the talk "Videogames for education and corporate training" during the Milano Games Week 2018.

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