The BEACONING team organised a very successful workshop at Coventry University to discuss the opportunities and challenges for adopting software applications / serious games and other technologies to improve healthcare provision. Approximately 30 students and staff from various departments of the University attended and there was a lot of interest in all 3 presentations as well as a session for the creation of metaphorical views of the future of healthcare using Lego!


The following subjects were covered:

  • Michael Loizou (BEACONING, Coventry University) – Various examples of using technology in healthcare including a project focusing on the design of Intelligent Agents in Healthcare Training Simulations
  • Ana Isabel Veloso (University of Aveiro) – Gamification in healthcare: challenges and opportunities
  • Liliana Vale Costa (University of Aveiro) – ‘A Healthy SeriousGiggle’- Serious Games for triggering active ageing and healthy lifestyles
  • Oliver Wood (DMLL, Coventry University) – Metaphorical views of the future of healthcare using Lego!