Flipped Classroom with ORT during the CLISE 2019 in FRANCE!

Flipped Classroom with ORT during the CLISE 2019 in FRANCE!

Flipped Classroom with ORT during the CLISE 2019 in FRANCE!

Enlargement of the power of Beaconing in the CLISE:
“La Semaine de la Classe Inversée”

After the success of ORT Beaconing WEEK  in December, the tool and demonstrations will be opened to the whole groups of Teachers classified in the “Innovating Teachers” all over France.

In order to be very near the users, the CLISE 2019, organized each Year, and in which ORT is participating as Member, a large Pilot opened to all publics and affording great exchanges of Uses of different tools with different scenarios in classes.  It lasts between 28th of January to the 2nd of February 2019, mainly in France. And from the beginning of this event in 2016, it is about 670 events organized with the participation of  8500 French Teachers.  .

The objective of the CLISE is

“Come and exchange your practices near you and train yourself!”

ORT participates in CLISE 2019 with 2 big events:

  • We offer a Flipped Classroom with the level of Second (about 16-18years old) in Biology, with the Molecular Learning Path,
  •  And Another Flipped Classroom is organized with Mathematics and especially in Trigonometry for students in Première S, and Terminale S, which is 17-20 yrs old.

Benefits of BEACONING: 

The KIT for using Beaconing as a Flipped Classroom is finalized and very well prepared, easy to use for Teachers and School Head managers!  No technical problem, no need of uploading an App, nothing more than just get the login asking to ORT Innovation  following the link http://edlab.paris.ort.asso.fr/beaconing/ 

During those Pilots, about 50 Teachers will contact ORT, and connect their classes (about 800 students), to the Beaconing Platform and they will be able to give us a real feedback from Innovating Teachers!  Very important for the Future Vision of Beaconing! All the recommendations will be shared with real exchanges in order to improve the protocole of use of Beaconing in such a type of use!

Beaconing, ready to participate as Solutions of EdTech to the CLISE which is organized with the support of Ministry of Education France, the DANE, Delegation Academic of Numerics in Education, CANOPE, many associations of Teachers, and Education Press Media.  It is a famous Fair week in Education in France!