The Beaconing concept was presented by Lucia Pannese, imaginary, at “eduTALK 871 eHEALTH” event in St Georgen, Germany, together with their partner imsimity, who is a well known provider of mixed reality solutions for immersive learning.

Attendees came mostly from local schools and public administration and, although the focus in this case was eHealth, learning logics can be applied for any subject.

imaginary and imsimity also discussed in a bilateral meeting the possibility of combining Beaconing’s concepts with imsimity’s technologies for a future exploitation with their customers: e.g. the possibility of plugging one or more pedagogical solutions from imsimity into a Beaconing’s gamified lesson plan was investigated, since a mix between games, augmented reality and 360° would raise students’ motivation to learn. At the same time this would demonstrate that Beaconing can support different kinds of learning solutions and different technologies, coming from different providers.