On August 22th, has been taken place the 36th edition of the International Design Engineering Technical & Computers & Information in Engineering Conference held by ASME, at Charlotte, North Carolina, USA. Some of the BEACONING concepts were presented on the CIE-25-1 VES: Game Ecosystems in Engineering session in the paper Approaches to Reengineering Digital Games written by Antoniu Stefan (ATS), Jannicke Baalsrud Hauge (BIBA) and Ioana Stanescu (ATS) and also on the paper A comparative analysis on educating mechanical engineers through serious games using pervasive technologies written by Jannicke Baalsrud Hauge (BIBA), Dr. Theodore Lim (HWU), Mr. Matthias Kalverkamp, Prof. Francesco Bellotti and Mr. Florian Haase.

In the first paper were presented gamified and pervasive concepts, like the potential of contextual knowledge and motivation using multiple elements (GPS location; Wifi hotspots; beacons; temporal elements; individual interests; group interests), how pervasive technologies can be used to enhance creativity in a user-centric way and which are the issues of adaptable content that may occur during the product design processes in game-based and gamified environments.

The second paper focus on analyzing serious games from the perspective of learning and gaming mechanics and the virtual environment and systems that can be made pervasive and thus both become more appealing to the students, but also to deliver a new learning experience compared to typical serious games used to for engineering education today.