Hands Frees role in this is to ensure that all aspects of the games are accessible to students with a wide range of disabilities at minimal cost to enable it to be able to be used by the widest possible range of people.  Within this we’ll be looking at not only making the games accessible to students but also for teachers and the parents of the students.

The output of this project will have a significant impact on the way these subjects will be taught in the future and will enable students with a wider range of learning styles and disabilities to be able to participate in the learning of these subjects and subsequently go on to work in this sphere.


Managing Director Lawrence Howard says:

“Working with such an esteemed group of people from both academia and industry is such an honour.  Within the 15 organisations there are over 100 people working on this project with such a broad range of knowledge and experience to draw on.  This is such an exciting environment to be working in and will transform the way people learn”