For four days, YoMo Barcelona receive 15,000 school children from all over Catalonia and Spain in a great science and technology exhibition. With live theater shows, interactive workshops and dozens of hands-on activities, there will be something to involve every young person. YoMo is designed to bring learning to life in the classroom by showing the exciting and rewarding career opportunities that are available in the mobile ecosystem and STEAM.

Geomotion Games organizes an indoor geolocalized adventure to dynamize and gamify the exploration of the different stands of the YOMO exhibition (MWC 2018) in collaboration with the Comissionat d’Innovació i Tecnologia de l’Ajuntament de Barcelona.

More than 170 young people attending the YOMO have participated in the activity and the adventure has been completed by 70%.

It is a “treasure hunt” adventure created thanks to the technology of the BEACONING project (H2020) in which the young people attending the congress can discover the workshops offered by organizations such as ICFO, Fundació Pere Tarrés, ELISAVA and COLECTIC. In these workshops, interest in STEAM and STEM topics is encouraged.