On the occasion of the Santa Eulàlia festivities in Barcelona, Geomotion Games in collaboration with Urban Explorer ​​we created a location-based activity using the brand new Context Aware Challenges Authoring Tool from BEACONING.

This year again Urban Explorer and Geomotion Games propose to celebrate the festivities of Santa Eulàlia, co-patron of Barcelona, ​​touring the places that, according to legend, witnessed one of the most cruel and bloodthirsty stories of all time. True to her Christian beliefs, a young geese keeper from the outskirts of Barcino (Barcelona), only 13 years old, put the Roman emperor in check by denying his divinity. Her actions had disastrous consequences, as she was punished with 13 tortures until, finally, she was crucified on the coldest day of the year.

The aim of the activity was to discover the secrets of the history of the city’s patron saint. From February 16th, we propose an exciting experience, which users can do at their own pace, alone, with family, with friends or with whomever they want.

The activity was completely free, users started Catedral de Mar where they will uncover the first clue that will take them to other places where the legend of Santa Eulàlia is still alive. The route includes a gastronomic stop at Xarcutería La Pineda, the oldest in Barcelona a place that has remained intact since 1910. Users guided by the location-based game, had access apartments not open to the public that will leave them speechless.