During different on-line meetings, ORT France and pedagogical representatives of ORT Israel schools were discussing the opportunity for the schools to be engaged in a innovative learning process in which the game based approach for solving problems in STEMS was presented.

After having presented the different sample learning paths with the features of the Beaconing platform for both teachers and students, some of the Israelian schools will be engaged to Pilot the  activities. Among the large amount of schools in Israel, the most relevant ones for Beaconing will be selected. Among them the Beer Sheva College of Technology and the Tel Hai College that is developing a virtual learning environment to enable several schools working together using learning through Problem solving. Also, as most of the schools in Israel are engaged in the Robotraffic Competition , an international school competition, hosted by the Technion Institute – Israel Institute of Technology,   in which it develops the teamwork and creative problem solving skills, the BEACONING Gamified Learning Paths will be used and/or enriched.

For preparing the basement of the Beaconing in different schools in Israel, the schools teachers and stakeholders will meet during a series of workshops for the preparation and training for :

–           first informing them and have their own reflection on the gamified learning paths,

–           second presenting and using the first set of tools and using in groups the beaconing solution

–           third by engaging their own students into beaconing classrooms.