During the Games and Learning Alliance conference (GALA 2018), Cristina Alonso Fernández (UCM) presented the full paper entitled “Improving serious games analyzing learning analytics data: lessons learned” which summarizes the experience of using learning analytics data with serious games in projects including BEACONING. The Conference was held in Palermo (Italy) from the 5th to the 7th of December 2018.

The abstract of the paper can be seen below.

AbstractSerious games adoption is increasing, although their penetration in formal education is still surprisingly low. To improve their outcomes and increase their adoption in this domain, we propose new ways in which serious games can leverage the information extracted from player interactions, beyond the usual post-activity analysis. We focus on the use of: (1) open data which can be shared for research purposes, (2) real-time feedback for teachers that apply games in schools, to maintain awareness and control of their classroom, and (3) once enough data is gathered, data mining to improve game design, evaluation and deployment; and allow teachers and students to benefit from enhanced feedback or stealth assessment. Having developed and tested a game learning analytics platform throughout multiple experiments, we describe the lessons that we have learnt when analyzing learning analytics data in the previous contexts to improve serious games.

About the conference

The Games and Learning Alliance conference (GALA 2018) is an international conference dedicated to the science and application of serious games. The conference aims at bringing together researchersdeveloperspractitioners and stakeholders. The goal is to share the state of the art of research and market, analysing the most significant trends and discussing visions on the future of serious games.

The full program of the conference can be found here.