UCM participated in the VI Encuentro Utopías Educativas during the 25th and 26th of May 2018. The Utopías Educativas Meeting is an annual event aimed at the presentation and exchange of “Experiences of Educational Innovation” and a space for knowledge, dialogue, contrast of ideas and the transmission of illusions among teachers. The 6th edition was held with the support of the ETOPIA Art and Technology Centre, the Zaragoza City of Knowledge Foundation and the IBERCAJA Foundation.

Antonio Calvo Morata (UCM) participated in the event presenting the game Conectado, the videogame about bullying and cyberbullying that puts players in the shoes of victims to create empathy and make them think about the problem.

The event was covered by the local television as reported on this video tweeted by the organizers of the event.

You can find the complete program of the event here.