On November 30th, 2017 in Sesto San Giovanni, a small city close to Milan, the Beaconing project has been piloted at I.I.S. “Enrico De Nicola” technical and artistic high school.

One classroom of students was engaged for nearly 3 hours with the Beaconing’s treasure hunt game in chasing clues and quests prepared by their teachers.

The treasure hunt game has been organized inside the school’s building and players have been provided with the location based component linked to a set of STEM mini games.

Students, bringing their own device (BYOD approach) and split in 4 small groups, had to follow the clues triggered by each successfully completed mini game to reach the prize that their teachers prepared for the winner team.

It was really impressive the players’ engagement in solving as quick as possible the math and physics challenges prepared by their teachers in order to reach the end of the path sooner than their mates.

The perceived feeling is that this kind of activity represented really a fun and engaging innovation both for students and teachers not used in experiencing the school duties in a such funny way.

At the end of the game, we also exploited the pilot event to perform some short interviews with some students to collect their feelings and feedback about the Beaconing experience.

We know that a video cannot fully represent the passion and the engagement of those teenagers and their teachers, but we tried to summarize some of the best moments in the following short video:

Give it a watch and help us spreading the Beaconing experience!