4th live web marathon #AprendeINTEF

4th live web marathon #AprendeINTEF

4th live web marathon #AprendeINTEF

UCM researchers Baltasar Fernández Manjón and Antonio Calvo Morata participated in the 4th #AprendeINTEF live web marathon, organized by INTEF, the National Institute of Educational Technologies and Teacher Training, the unit of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport responsible for the integration of ICT in non-university educational stages.

The 4th web marathon #AprendeINTEF comprised four sessions were different teachers and researchers were selected to present their educational experiences with a focus from and within the development of the competence areas of the Common Reference Framework for Digital Teaching Competence. As part of the Session IV, live on April 22nd from 16:30 to 19:30, Baltasar Fernández Manjón and Antonio Calvo Morata presented their experience with the videogame Conectado.


All speakers participating in this #AprendeINTEF web marathon will receive an open digital credential that recognizes and accredits their participation in this event and that contributes to reaching the C2 level of the 5.3. competition, `Innovation and use of digital technology in a creative way’, from area 5. Problem Solving, of the Digital Teaching Competence Framework, since it works, among others, with the descriptor “I participate in online teaching events, courses, professional conferences where I disseminate and train other teaching colleagues in the creative and innovative use of technology and digital educational media”. This way, INTEF recognizes and gives value to teachers who disinterestedly share and publicize their good practices in the community of connected teachers.

This is the 4th web marathon #AprendeINTEF after the previous ones on: 1st web marathon #AprendeINTEF live on active methodologies, 2nd web marathon #AprendeINTEF live with the school as protagonist and the 3rd web marathon #AprendeINTEF live on the transformative changes in schools.

For more information about the 4th live web marathon #AprendeINTEF click here.

The slides used during the live web marathon can be found here.

To watch the live video of the session IV of the 4th web marathon #AprendeINTEF click here.