Oct 2

Beaconing at Futuro Summit

Posted by Massimiliano Cazzaniga

Beaconing participated at Futuro Summit (http://www.futuro-summit.com/): two days dedicated to innovation in the Healthcare sector. At their booth imaginary presented the Beaconing project concept and results and how they suggest a new training concept for medical CME courses with analytics.

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Sep 18

ASTEL workshop

Posted by Massimiliano Cazzaniga

Last week at the EC-TEL conference in Tallinn an interactive workshop on gamified lesson plans creation took place, putting together technologies and tools developed within the scope of the Beaconing and Rage projects. During the morning sessions attendees have been…

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Sep 6

ORT Practical Workshops in France

Posted by Francois Mohier

Before teachers starting a new school year , in ORT Paris, Teachers from ORT Toulouse, ORT Montreuil , ORT Lyon, and ORT Villiers Le Bel met to be trained to Beaconing tools. Organized as a Summer Camp, participating teachers coming…

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Jul 31

Turkish Head Teachers Piloting BEACONING

Posted by Ali Turker

SEBIT organizes regular training sessions for the head teachers of the Ministry of National Education. Head teachers are master instructional designers who can help BEACONING with Gamified Learning Path localization. Earlier this year one session was devoted to BEACONING and a general…

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Jul 10

BEACONING in Editorial of IJSG 2017

Posted by Nadera Sultana

Dr.-Ing. Jannicke Baalsrud Hauge has written a guest editorial in IJSG 2017 vol.4 no.2 journal.

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