May 10

BEACONING requirements

Posted by Jannicke Baalsrud Hauge

BEACONING is aiming at developing a platform that provides access to lessons plans, games, moocs, mobile application etc. in an easy way. The main target groups are students in the age of 16-24 with and without disabilities and teachers. BEACONING will support individual learning by providing personalized user interface and lessons plans. It…

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Cyber physical training studio
Apr 28

FE Pilots are underway…

Posted by Aparajithan Sivanathan

We thought to take the BEACONING concepts to next level of complexity, therefore we can poke and testify its fundamental principles, adaptability, scalability and sustainability. We wanted to apply the BEACONING concepts to a physical skills development scenario, one of the extreme cases of BEACONING pilots. (more…)

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Apr 28

DNA of new Education

Posted by Theo Lim

As educators, aren't we all are guilty of 'old school' approaches? We force upon students regulated, constrained classroom learning, driven by theories and models of learning styles that limit development of higher intellect. Here are some observations... Witness the conventional transmittal of "knowledge", where a hundred pairs of eyes stare at projected material,…

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Apr 22

Our First Workshop, and some Thoughts on the Design process

Posted by Luca Morini

It was great to meet again the other partners in Barcelona for our first workshop, three months after the Kickoff here in Coventry, and finally getting our hands dirty at trying and designing scenarios! This is frankly a huge project, which means working with people speaking very, very different, languages. This is not…

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Feb 10

Meet BEACONING’s industry partners

Posted by admin

BEACONING builds upon the expertise of strong industrial partners: ORT, SUCCUBUS - Succubus Interactive, Advanced Technology Systems, Imaginary Srl, GEOMOTION - Geomotion Games S. L., INFINITY, PLAYSOFT, SEBIT, HFC - Hands Free Computing and SIVECO - Siveco Romania

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