May 1

The power of mixed reality

Posted by Theo Lim

Two major trends leading from 2017 onto 2018 to innovative STEM  programs and personalized learning is data analytics and creating access to AR/VR. What does this equate to...? To date the holy grail of digital learning remains transitioning towards an immersive learning experience. But we have failed miserably by not providing a way…

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Apr 25

New DIN Specification on SG Meta Data Format

Posted by Jannicke Baalsrud Hauge

During the last 6 months a multi-disciplinary team with German speaking reasearchers, game developers and other interested stakeholders have been working on a new specification on SG Meta data Format. The objective is to improve the standardisation in how SG are described and thereby support the reuse of existing games. Today the  final…

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Apr 23

4th live web marathon #AprendeINTEF

Posted by Cristina Alonso

UCM researchers Baltasar Fernández Manjón and Antonio Calvo Morata participated in the 4th #AprendeINTEF live web marathon, organized by INTEF, the National Institute of Educational Technologies and Teacher Training, the unit of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport responsible for the integration of ICT in non-university educational stages. The 4th web marathon…

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Apr 20

Game plots as a platform for learning

Posted by Alexey Usoltsev

  While young people distract more and more easily because of the large quantity of screens at their disposal, the video game appears today as a better way to learn for students. However, create an educational game in agreement with the objectives of the teacher is a real challenge because of its form…

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Apr 12


Posted by Marius Preda

Educația STEM este un concept care a apărut pentru prima dată în Statele Unite că urmare a apariției fenomenului de migrare a elevilor  care aleg să studieze științele  umanistice în detrimentul științelor naturale. Astfel, a fost inițiată  în Statele Unite ale Americii o  Campanie “Educate to Innovate” pentru a stimula elevii să acorde o mai…

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