Aug 2

Are you a Games Master, Player, Fan, Spectator or Hermit?

Posted by David Wortley

The latest e-newsletter on Gamification and Enabling Technologies accessed by the link above includes a review of 2 recent conferences whose primary focus has been on serious games and gamification for learning and development. The Thaisim 2017 conference in Bangkok included a number of practical examples of the use of gamification for learner…

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Jul 3

Success dissemination case of technology validation by UCM

Posted by BaltaFM

This example case demonstrates technology validation that are being adopted and adapted for the BEACONING platform as well as the initative to collaborate with existing local projects. UCM as lead of the learning analytics task, has collaborated with the DownTown project providing the technology and the experimental design for the scientific validation experiment…

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Jun 29

Thaisim 2017 Keynote on 360 Technologies for StoryTelling, Gamification and Immersive Learning

Posted by David Wortley

The 9th international Thaisim Conference took place on June 29/30 2017 at Bansomdejchaopraya Rajabhat University in Bangkok, Thailand. The Beaconing project principles were featured in the opening keynote presentation at the conference on the topic which can be accessed at  . The presentation included a practical example of the use of immersive…

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Jun 27

BEACONING Consortium workshop in Bucharest

Posted by Tomasz Skupiński

Last week from Tuesday to Friday, BEACONING consortium partners took part in General Assembly meeting and workshop held by ATS in the city of Bucharest in Romania. For three days we discussed integration process of BEACONING platform and how will we enter piloting phase. Big thanks to all who attended for creative and…

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Jun 16


Posted by Marius Preda

Technology is progressing. Science drives its development. New jobs appear every day on the labour market, some we haven’t even thought about. Many of today’s students will do these jobs. They probably won’t be trained for these jobs since they haven’t been invented yet. However they will learn somehow. „Nothing is more important…

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