May 14

Teachers hunting for a treasure in Milan with Beaconing

Posted by Luca Morganti

A Beaconing Treasure Hunt was organized in Milano during the workshop “Applications game mechanisms (gamification) in the educational process and the interaction with the student’’ organized in Italy by imaginary for 10 Greek school teachers within their Erasmus+ Programme study visit. The 3 days programme included Technical Teacher Training on gamification with special focus on the BEACONING approach…

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May 14

Meta-LAM: Learning Analytics Models for multilevel analytics

Posted by Cristina Alonso

Learning Analytics Models, as previously described on this post, are used to define the data to be collected for a particular game and how that data is to be processed, interpreted and reported. However, when a game is composed of multiple games, their individual LAMs (each focusing on one of these games) fail…

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May 11

Beaconing at eLSE Conference 2018

Posted by admin

In April 19th - 20th 2018 has been taken place the 14th edition of the eLSE Conference - "eLearning and Software for Education", in Bucharest. The Beaconing project results achieved so far were presented by ATS within the paper "LOCATION-BASED METAGAMES FOR LEARNING". The main objective of the paper was to present the…

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May 8

Using Image Based Tracking in Mixed Reality to provide new learning experiences

Posted by Sam Harper

To build upon the concept of using Mixed Reality to 'see' and 'feel' concepts being taught in action, the BEACONING HoloLens VET game now utilises image-based tracking to allow students to wield a real angle grinder in their training to practice cutting into stone blocks, something that is currently impossible for training students…

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May 3

HFC at Naidex 2018

Posted by Hands Free Computing

It was a pleasure to attend Naidex 2018, the disability event of the year at the NEC, Birmingham. Keynote speakers on assistive technology, disability and inclusion within work and school sectors, along with the most innovative products for those with physical, visual and learning impairments. Naidex provided a platform to discuss Beaconing with a range…

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