Sep 8

“Pokemonisation” of BEACONING Scenarios

Posted by Francois Mohier

The new gaming approach used in PokemonGo game is a great success since people of all age and background, especially young ones are now going outside to play, discover new places, learn to collaborate and also challenge each other’s. The BEACONING Scenarios based on Geolocation and pervasive learning in which students will have…

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Jul 25

The Difference Between Playing, Gaming and Playing a Game

Posted by Ali Turker

Playing is free to try, safe to err, no rules of engagement, no necessary equipment, riches. Gaming is costly, requires resources; there are rules, structures, clear definitions of success, even engagement depends on chosen strategy. Educational theory claims playing is constructivist, while gaming is behaviorist, hence only suitable for acquiring lower level skills…

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Jun 29

BEACONING Ecosystem Requirements Workshop at INESC TEC

Posted by admin

During the workshop held by ATS on 16th June 2016 at INESC TEC, Porto, the BEACONING Ecosystem requirements have been discussed. The partners were divided into four teams: Authors, Gamers, UX Designers and Pedagogues. The main objective of the workshop was to define the key functionalities of the BEACONING Ecosystem components, regarding the…

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Jun 20

BEACONING presented by GeomotionGames

Posted by Pau Yanez

The BEACONING project at #SpinUOC On June 16th Pau Yanez, CEO of Geomotion Games, presented the BEACONING project at SpinUOC event organized by the Open University of Catalonia (UOC). #SpinUOC is the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya's (UOC) transferable knowledge event to present the innovative solutions produced by startups in Catalonia to society and industry.…

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Jun 14

Top Tips for Gamifying Classrooms/Workshops

Posted by David Wortley

Engaging participation in workshops and classrooms can be very challenging, especially in an age where knowledge and information is accessible online 24/7 and interactive and immersive technologies on mobile phones and tablets constantly compete for attention. Gamification of classrooms and workshops is neither new nor difficult. Good teachers have used games psychology and…

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