Sep 27

The “Chatbot era” has begun

Posted by Massimiliano Cazzaniga

After Facebook's announcement, during the last F8 conference, about the opening of Messenger APIs to third parties developers, the "Chatbots era" officially started. Many platforms such as Slack, Telegram and Kik or brands such as CNN, started delivering new chatbot experiences to their users inside the messaging platform where they spend the most of their time. The Shine service…

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Sep 27

Gamification Challenges Key to Effective Learning

Posted by David Wortley

Gamification is a tool which every human being consciously or unconsciously applies in everyday life to influence the behaviours of other human beings. If you view every human activity through a Gamification Lens ( See Gamification Theory and Practice White Paper ), the best way to influence and engage others is to transform their…

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Sep 19

Game Learning Analytics for Teachers

Posted by admin

Or, what can teachers expect from Game Learning Analytics in the context of the BEACONING project? Vision - Application scenario Tania is a teacher who has agreed to participate in BEACONING pilots. She is not particularly tech-savvy, but is not afraid to learn, and already uses computers to prepare her lesson plans and…

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Sep 16

Blending learning and mobile geo services

Posted by Ioana Stanescu

The massive uptake of mobile devices coupled with the evolution of map-based applications has created new opportunities to construct more engaging and more personal learning experiences. The sensors in smartphones and tablets collects information on the user’s position data such as coordinates, altitude, orientation, or speed of movement. Blending this information with knowledge…

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Sep 13

An extension of the BEACONING concept, or how BEACONING could be far reaching

Posted by Olivier Heidmann

The acronym NEET is nowadays often used to describe a young person ‘Not in Education, Employment, or Training’. Given the lasting harm caused in Europe and also in almost the entire world by the current great economic recession starting in the 2000, more and more people qualify to be described as NEETs. Outcasts…

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