Nov 10

About the new Teachers’ and students’ roles in STEM approaches

Posted by Marius Preda

Technology is progressing. Science drives its development. New jobs appear every day on the labour market, some we haven’t even thought about. Many of today’s students will do these jobs. They probably won’t be trained for these jobs since they haven’t been invented yet. However they will learn somehow. „Nothing is more important…

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Nov 8

Beaconing game plots. The Hero’s Journey

Posted by Pau Yanez

A serious game plot for is a story, which may be linear or branched, that structures the narrative elements chosen by the author, in game mechanics to drives the user experience, from the beginning to the end of the lesson-path, fostering motivation and the interaction of the player with game assets like characters,…

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Nov 7

About Inquiry-based Science Learning in STEM subjects Teaching and Learning

Posted by Marius Preda

Teaching according to the inquiry-based approach can stimulate students’ learning gains and their interest in science by formulation of questions, investigation, creation of a solution or an appropriate response, discussion and reflexion in connection with results. In STEM case digital, interactive tools can be effectively used to achieve the subjects’ goals by really…

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Oct 25

GWC Best Education Project 2016

Posted by admin

BEACONING Project has been nominated as a finalist for the Award of “GWC Best Education Project 2016”. The winners of the GWC Awards 2016 that highlight the most innovative and representative projects related to Engagement and Game Based solutions will be announced during the GWC Awards Ceremony, after the GWC Conference 2016. The GWC Conference…

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Oct 11

BEACONING Interface Meeting

Posted by Jayne Beaufoy

On Thursday 6th October members of the consortium met at the DMLL, Coventry University to discuss and plan the design of the Interface for the BEACONING Ecosystem. It proved to be a very creative session in which visual ideas were put forward for the meta game, dashboard, lesson authoring tool and landing pages. In…

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